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Programs & Rates

At EC3, excellent early childhood education, individual-centered care, and an educational environment come together to form a wonderful world of growing for your child. You’ll find small group sizes, caring and experienced teachers, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Read on to learn more about our infant, toddler, preschool, and school-aged summer camp programs. We’re sure you will like what you see.

Our Programs

The program for infants is designed to provide a warm, predictable environment that is safe and secure for the infants, while promoting growth and development of the whole child. Each child's uniqueness is respected.
The toddler program provides a comfortable and stimulating environment where the child is encouraged to freely explore and discover with the encouragement of trusted adults.
The program for preschoolers is individualized within the group setting so that each child can work at specific, developmentally appropriate skills.
Summer Camp is an opportunity for children who have completed kindergarten through third grade, to relax in the sun, have a great time, and gain knowledge through hands-on experiences.