EC3 Newsletter – 7/22/16

Published: 2016-07-22

Meet-the-Teacher Nights

Meet-the-Teacher nights are scheduled for late August. These parent-only events are an opportunity for you to get to know your child’s new teachers, and to learn about classroom procedures and learning goals for the year. You will also have a chance to ask questions in a group setting, where many of you may have the same questions and can all benefit from the discussion. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other families as well. The schedule is as follows:

* Monday, August 22: Geckos
* Tuesday, August 23: Bears
* Wednesday, August 24: Bluegills
* Thursday, August 25: Tigers

There will be brief teacher-led presentations at each session, beginning promptly at 5:15 p.m., so plan to be here by then. You do NOT need to pick up your child before the event; he/she will have care provided in his/her current classroom. After the presentation, the teachers will take questions from the group of parents and you will be able to explore the classroom. If you wish to speak with the teachers privately, you may schedule some time after the event.

Why Kids Whine

Research on whining confirms that it really is the most annoying sound to the human ear – more so than the sound of a screeching table saw or a Vuvuzela football/soccer horn resembling the sound of an elephant.
Amazingly, there is a purpose to whining and nature was not ill intended. Whining vocalizations are also found in other mammal species and are part of the instinctive and emotional etchings in the emotional system geared towards eliciting attention from others. In other words, if your child’s whining hijacks your attention system and stirs you up, then this sound is doing exactly what it was intended to do. Whining is meant to get your attention - the question is why, and what do our kids need from us?

To learn more about WHY kids whine, and how to help your children process their frustrations, check out this great article on the EC3 blog:

EC3 Lending Library

Looking for information on toddler sleep issues? Need some suggestions for positive discipline guidance? How about nutrition or allergies? The EC3 Lending Library is the place for you! We have a variety of different resources available on a range of topics.

The library is self-serve, and is located near the entrance to Toddlerland in the main hallway. We only ask that you return the item within 2 weeks. And if you have any books that you are no longer needing, we will happily take donations!

Book Recommendation

New and seasoned parents alike will appreciate this must-have resource. The Big Book of Symptoms: What Every Parent Needs to Know. Unofficially titled How to figure out whether to panic about your kid’s rash, or go back to bed. This A to Z directory covers 100 or so of the most common childhood symptoms and includes an illustrated first aid manual.

NAEYC for Families

EC3 is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). One of the many perks of this partnership is access to wonderful educational resources offered by NAEYC. NAEYC for Families is a wonderful newsletter resource where you can get research-based, family-friendly tips and ideas about your child's learning and development delivered right to your e-mail box! Topics range from topics such as “Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten” to “Supporting the Development of Creativity” and even those difficult-to-discuss topics such as “Coping with Loss” and “Where Did I Come From?” Sign up at

Weekend Family Fun

Friday Night Concerts at the Bandshell - Lake Lansing Park South
Head out on to Lake Lansing Park South on Friday to enjoy music by the Sea Cruisers. All Friday evening performances begin at 7:00 p.m. There is free parking and admission, and for the kids, free entry to play on a Moonwalk and Giant Slide! Bring your own lawn chair and a picnic and enjoy an evening in the park!

Lansing Lugnuts Baseball– Cooley Law School Stadium
Friday, July 22nd through Sunday, July 24th
Go Nuts downtown for a Lansing Lugnuts Baseball game! The classic American pastime is alive and well in our community, so be a part of the fun.

Important Dates Coming Up

* Monday, 7/25: Tuition Grace Period Day: accounts paid by the end of the day will not be assessed a late fee.
* Saturday, 7/30: Infant teacher Casey Fowler’s birthday
* Saturday, 7/30: Support staffer Julie “GiGi” Lewis’ birthday

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