EC3 Newsletter - 12/19/2014

Published: 2014-12-19

EC3 Holidays

EC3 will be closed on the following dates in the coming weeks for holiday celebrations:
* December 24 & 25 (Christmas)
* December 31 & January 1 (New Year)

As noted in the Parent Handbook, there is no tuition credit for holidays, sick days, vacation days, or unexpected closings, whether the child is enrolled full-time or part-time.

Encouragement for Holidays with Small Children

As many parents have discovered the hard way, young children are unpredictable when their regular schedules are interrupted. Traveling long distances, spending time with large groups, or changing sleep habits can bring about unexpected behaviors. The best advice parents can heed in these times is to keep expectations low and be flexible. It is normal and natural for even the most mild-mannered children to manifest oppositional behavior at these times—even if they are surrounded by “fun” things and loving people. There is also an increased risk of illness (for children AND their parents) during holidays, so be prepared with appropriate remedies. Overall, the more you’re able to take things in stride, the more you and your family will enjoy the time off.

Why do Babies Like Boxes Best?

It is your little one’s first or second holiday opening gifts. You are excited to see how they react to the toy you spent so much time choosing. And then you find that your child seems more interested in the box and shiny paper than in the gift itself. Check out this wonderful article by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) discussing why development plays such a large role in this exchange.

Volunteer Opportunities at Haven House

Looking for a volunteer opportunity in the next few weeks? There are plenty of dates open to cook dinner for the families at Haven House.

Haven House provides emergency housing and support services for one-parent and two-parent families with children. The shelter helps families who are homeless prepare for permanent housing by developing and promoting self-sufficiency, stability, and financial responsibility. In addition to housing, residents receive meals, crisis counseling, assistance with goal setting, and referral to other agencies as needed. If you or a group would like to prepare a meal for these families, call 517-337-2731 or email

Weekend Family Fun

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to highlight some fun activities
you can do with the kiddos at home over the holidays.

Snowman Tissue Box Bowling
With just a few things you probably already have around the house, toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy this craft and turn it into a game at the end. This activity helps children with a variety of skills, including fine and large motor, social/emotional and creativity.

Mail time – Set up your own post office
Making early literacy activities relate to real life is a fantastic way to promote learning through play. Create a post office at home and watch the kiddos spend hours creating and delivering the mail.

Bathtub Fishing
Fun for kids of all different ages! It’s so simple to set up, not messy, and a great fine motor and early literacy activity.

Balloon Tennis
As simple as it sounds. Make up the rules as a family and have fun. This activity is great for children of all ages, and focuses on hand-eye coordination and balance.

Important Dates Coming Up

* Monday, 12/22: Tuition invoices e-mailed
* Wednesday, 12/24: EC3 Closed
* Thursday, 12/25: EC3 Closed
* Friday, 12/26: Tuition due

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