Infant Program

Program type Minimum age Maximum age State ratio EC3 Ratio Weekly Rate
Infant 1 mo. 1.5 yr. 1:4 1:4 $317

The program is structured to promote relationships of trust and attachment between caregivers and babies, and to provide individualized care consistent with each child's home.

Primary Caregivers

Each infant is assigned to a "primary caregiver." A primary caregiver is a full-time infant teacher who is responsible for individual children's care. This provides continuity of one relationship and allows for the teacher to form a special bond with the child and parents. While all of the teachers that care for the children work to form effective relationships with the children and families, having a primary caregiver provides the teacher and family the opportunity to create a special bond that results in strong communication.

There are opportunities each day for caregivers to interact one-on-one with each baby, and for babies to have time alone to observe and process experiences without the interference of direct adult interaction.

Stimulation and Nurturing through Daily Experiences

Daily experiences are individualized to stimulate and challenge each baby's physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Specific activities are planned for each child and integrated into the daily routine in the following areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Large Motor Skills
  • Sensory and Perceptual Skills
  • Cognitive Development
  • Language Skills
  • Social Experiences and Development

Feeding of infants is structured as a special time in which each baby and his or her caregiver have time to be together, one-on-one. Other activities such as diapering and dressing are opportunities to encourage development and interaction. Outdoor experiences provide outlets for curiosity and excitement.

Individualized Daily Schedules

Every day, the babies are given the opportunity to spend time with their primary caregiver, other team teachers, other infants, and alone. The time that babies spend without the interference of adult interaction gives the babies the chance to observe and process experiences and develop their own conclusions.

Since each individual baby grows at a different rate and will have different needs, the schedules of the babies remain very flexible and constantly changing. Our highly trained staff members understand and appreciate this and therefore work to meet the needs of each individual child.

Developmental Growth Using Themes

Themes are incorporated in the infant room to stimulate growth and broaden the experiences that the babies encounter. The themes are intertwined with other related factors of their tangible world. For example, "Summer Fun!" and "Cooling Down!" are some popular themes during the hot weather. Developmentally appropriate activities are administered which expose the babies to different senses, textures, physical activities, and cognitive tasks.


This daycare is so professional and is very understanding about everything. I feel very safe leaving my child here. They use such great approaches to help kids and the teachers are so professional and understanding as well. My son has such a blast here and loves it.

Hope H. via Google Review
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