Raquel Duran

Classroom Assistant

Raquel is the classroom assistant for Penguin room. Raquel is her middle name but goes by her childhood nickname of “Rocky”. She has been part of the EC3 family since 2019. Rocky is talking classes at Lansing Community College and will get her degree in Child Development and Early Education in 2022. She loves working with children of all different ages. When first hired, Raquel worked mostly in Toddler Land. She moved up to the Tiger room for a year but TLand was calling her back.
After college, Rocky's wish would be to become a teacher at EC3. In time, she hopes to move to Texas and continue her work in the early education field.

Raquel grew up central Texas, the Finger Lakes area of New York, and Mason, MI. In her free time she enjoys being active and cuddling with the family dog, Coco. She has several hobbies and enjoys going to Lake Michigan in the summer time.  

I had so much fun at preschool today!

Miles, 3 years old
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