Dani Douglas

Preschool Teacher

Dani Douglas has been working at EC3 since November of 2017. She started in the Otter (older toddlers) classroom and then moved to the Lion room in January 2019. Prior to working at EC3, Dani taught at Midway Early Learning Center in Holt. She has been in childcare full-time for over eight years and is looking forward to many more. Dani has an Associate's degree in Early Childhood Education from Baker College and likes to keep up on training. She is always looking for the opportunities to learn new tips, tricks, and techniques to help better herself as an educator.

In her free time, Dani enjoys spending time with her family, including her partner and son. They enjoy different activities, including going to the parks and zoos, as well as bowling.


The staff are great about introducing parents, especially during the days of service.

Parent feedback from Spring 2022 survey
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