Bridget Vander Hoff

Classroom Assistant

Bridget Vander Hoff obtained her Bachelor of Arts from Oakland University. While there, she worked at their childcare center, the Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education. She moved to Lansing in 2019 when she started working at EC3's sister center, Early Learning Children's Community. After the pandemic began, she was transferred to EC3 to assistant in the Lion room, and then became the Seal room assistant.

In her free time, Bridget performs with various modern dance companies and at the Lansing Pharaohs basketball games. She also teaches dance to elementary-aged children.

Child care is a significant portion of our budget, but it is worth every penny. I cannot overstate how much of a positive role EC3 has played in the social, emotional and physical growth of our children.

Parent feedback from Spring 2022 survey
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