Ada Scott

Toddler Teacher


Ada Scott is a toddler teacher in the Dolphin room; she has worked at EC3 since 2005. Ada has worked with young children for more than 15 years and earned a Bachelors Degree in Child Development and Elementary Education from Michigan State University. 

Ada grew up in the Detroit area, but fell in love with Lansing as a student at MSU and hasn’t looked back since. In her spare time, Ada enjoys reading, gardening, and relaxing with friends and their families. She is the proud aunt of two children, and she is looking forward to adding more in the future.

Ada’s favorite thing about being a toddler teacher is the child’s daily wonder at new discoveries about the world and the new abilities the child is developing for him or herself. She also loves to facilitate experiences for children that they may not otherwise get to enjoy. In addition, Ada enjoys partnering with parents to problem-solve and encourage growth and independence.

We were very happy with our time at EC3, our son was very much prepared for kindergarten, and summer camp this year was a big success. Thank you.

Parent feedback from Fall 2012 survey
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