Ada Scott

Toddler Teacher


Ada has been teaching young children for over twenty years after graduating from MSU with a major in Family Child Ecology. She loves fostering the creativity and curiosity of young children and watching the joy that lights their eyes as they discover the world around them. She is also continually studying to learn ways to encourage this growth and received certification from the Michigan Association for Infant and Toddler Mental Health. She continues to research ways to bridge the gap between home and school and tries to find out of the box ways to support neuro-divergent learners. Ada has recently become a trainer for teacher classes and looks forward to learning more about sharing her passion for loose parts and process art with a new generation of teachers.
Ada is deeply committed to her family and friends and love serving her church. She also enjoys gardening and houseplants as well as a quiet cup of tea or glass of wine with a few good friends.

Since beginning EC3, Miles has made huge leaps in several areas including language development, increased independence, and socialization. In just a few months, we have seen a little guy who had much difficulty with transitions and interacting with new people become much more confident and adaptable. We definitely feel that he will be much more prepared for kindergarten because of the quality of his teachers and the types of activities that EC3 has to offer!

Sid & Jennifer Briere
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