EC3 Staff

EC3 is staffed by early childhood professionals who are committed to creating a positive environment for young children.

Twenty-three full-time teachers staff the eleven EC3 classrooms. All of our lead teachers hold either a bachelor's degree, associate's degree, or CDA credential.  All of our teachers are certified in infant/pediatric CPR and first aid.

EC3 also boasts support staff who are trained in child development and are filled with a love of children; they are also all certified in infant/pediatric CPR and first aid. The support staff are very familiar faces to every EC3 child, and smoothly transition into the classrooms when primary caregivers are away from the classroom. Click here to learn more about EC3's current roster of support staff.

Prior to employment all staff members (teachers and office staff) must submit to reference checks, pass a criminal background check, and receive clearance from Michigan’s database of those who are even suspected of child abuse or neglect.

Cheryl Adkins

Program Liaison

Wanda Bancroft

Preschool Teacher | Bear

Claudia Conley

Toddler Teacher | Penguin

Julie Douglas

Toddler Teacher | Gecko

Jennifer Enterline

Toddler Teacher | Dolphin

Tammy Epling

Toddler Teacher | Gecko

Casey Fowler

Infant Teacher | Ladybug

Angela Mendenhall

Preschool Teacher | Tiger

Ada Scott

Toddler Teacher | Dolphin

Mercedes Steward

Toddler Teacher | Frog

Elisabeth Tobia

Executive Director

Christina Young

Infant Teacher | Ladybug

I really enjoy the mom's lunch. Not only does it get me away from work for an hour, it's helpful to talk with the other moms about their experiences.

Parent feedback from Fall 2013 survey
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