EC3 charges tuition to families whose children attend, in addition to a one-time application fee for each child. Tuition is billed and must be paid in advance.

EC3 accepts applications from families receiving state or federal government assistance.

Tuition rates shown here are weekly amounts and are subject to regular review and revision by EC3's Board of Directors.

Program type Minimum age Maximum age State ratio EC3 Ratio Weekly Rate
Infant 1 mo. 1.5 yr. 1:4 1:4 $317
Toddler 1 yr. 3 yr. 1:4 1:4 $317
Junior preschool 2.5 yr. 3.5 yr. 1:8 1:7 $273
Preschool 3 yr. 4 yr. 1:10 1:8 $273
Pre-Kindergarten 4 yr. 5 yr. 1:12 1:9 $273
Summer Camp 5 yr. 9 yr. 1:24 1:15 $227

My son has been going to EC3 since he was one year old. He is a preschooler now and his care has been fantastic in every classroom. EC3's response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been excellent, through, and well communicated. I feel that my son will be ready to tackle kindergarten head on in large part due to the education he has received at EC3.

Jen P. from a Yelp Review
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