EC3 Weekly News 11/6/20

Published: 2020-11-06
Updated: 2020-11-13

Update on EC3's Covid Closing

Families of currently-enrolled children were notified on Tuesday evening (by email and text) that a member of the teaching staff had tested positive for the coronavirus. As specified in EC3's Covid Response Plan, this notification was issued within 24 hours of the confirmation of test results--first to the families in the affected classroom and then to all families and staff. Guided by the plan, the Ingham County Health Department (ICHD) was alerted first; their recommendation was to have all children and staff in the affected classroom quarantine for 14 days from the last contact with the affected staff member (10/31). The ICHD also recommended--but did not require--that EC3 perform a building-wide disinfecting process, which was handled by the experts at Asbestos Abatement Incorporated. The administrative staff, in consultation with the Board of Directors, made the decision to close the center for the remainder of the week--not only to disinfect, but also to provide the staff and families with some time and space to mentally adjust and reflect on the center's first case.

In all likelihood, given the rapid increase of Covid cases nationwide, EC3 will experience additional positive cases at some point. Here are several points to consider, according to EC3's conversations with ICHD medical staff and other sources:

  • Covid-19 is spread almost entirely through direct contact with an infected person. ("Contact" is defined as being within six feet of proximity for fifteen minutes or more.)
  • Contacts of contacts are NOT generally considered to be at significant risk, unless or until the initial contact person displays symptoms.
  • There is still not enough data about the extent to which children who test positive for Covid-19 transmit it to others. There IS, however, data showing that children with Covid-19 are less likely to become seriously ill themselves. Here's a link to an article that goes deeper into this subject.

EC3 will continue to provide relevant information about this case and any additional cases. In the meantime, The New York Times recently published an article called, "5 Ways Families Can Prepare as Coronavirus Cases Surge," which includes recommendations for maintaining physical and mental health.

Parent-Teacher Conferences Next Week: Rescheduled

The parent-teacher conferences planned for the week of 11/9 have been rescheduled for the week of 11/30. Check our calendar listings for links to sign up.

Volunteers Needed!

There are so many projects that need to be done on the EC3 grounds! Typically, we host a formal "yard-work Saturday" event each Fall, but due to the pandemic this year we are counting on our families to come around whenever it's convenient for them to get the jobs done. Click here to sign up for a specific job on EC3's grounds, or see the link on EC3's volunteer webpage for all opportunities, including those that can be done anytime, anywhere.

What kind of talents do we have among our families, anyway? Click here to take a brief survey of skills inventory!

EC3 Parent Handbook Update

EC3's Parent Handbook has been updated to include the new tuition rates and the volunteer contribution policy. Click here to view and download it, or contact Cheryl Adkins if you'd like a hard-copy.

Weekend Fun and Upcoming Events

Click on the Calendar link at the top of our web pages to see what's going on, both at EC3 and around the community!

EC3 on Social Media

The staff at EC3 is incredible!! Since we came through for our first tour, they have done nothing but make us feel welcomed--like we are part of the family. They are so loving and knowledgeable, and they truly excel at what they do. We sincerely value their advice and concern toward the well-being of our children. Dropping them off each day is easier knowing how much they love EC3!!

Jeff & Dawn Fedewa
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