Preschool Program

Program type Minimum age Maximum age State ratio EC3 Ratio Weekly Rate
Junior preschool 2.5 yr. 3.5 yr. 1:8 1:7 $273
Preschool 3 yr. 4 yr. 1:10 1:8 $273
Pre-Kindergarten 4 yr. 5 yr. 1:12 1:9 $273
Summer Camp 5 yr. 9 yr. 1:24 1:15 $227

A prominent philosophy in the preschool classrooms is play-based learning. The curriculum provides a range of developmental levels in language, social, cognitive, and motor skills that are administered through different, enjoyable activities. Preschool ages vary widely—EC3 offers a variety of classes for children who are anywhere from 3 to 6 years old.

Achieving Higher Levels of Independence

The teachers are continually developing the children's independence through encouraging the development of life skills and offering choices, which promote decision-making.

Developmental Skills

Preschool children will be encouraged to develop:

  • Language skills through guided and spontaneous interactions
  • Social skills, by participating in large and small group activities, and interactions with classmates and other children in the center
  • Fine and gross motor skills, through the use of small manipulative materials, large climbing equipment, and directed experiences in creative movement and motor skills
  • Independence in daily living skills, such as eating, dressing, and toileting
  • Concepts of quantity, causality, and spatial relations through directed exploration and experimentation
  • Writing and reading skills appropriate to developmental and interest level
  • Kindergarten readiness skills for all Pre-K children

Learning with Themes

Activities based on specific themes (intended to thread activities together, without dominating them) are planned to provide experiences for a range of developmental levels in each of the following areas: cognitive, language, small motor, large motor, sensory, perceptual, and social. Field trips are implemented in conjunction with a theme to offer hands-on learning and exposure.


Junior preschool



Summer Camp

EC3 is the best decision our family could have made.

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