Ryan Mayes

Toddler Teacher


Ryan Mayes is a toddler teacher in the Seal room, and has been with EC3 since 2010. Prior to EC3, Ryan taught preschool at the Oak Park YMCA; she has also worked with Holt Public School’s Before, After, and Preschool programs. In addition, Ryan worked for two years at an emergency shelter for children in the foster care system and at Siren/Eaton Shelter working with victims of domestic violence. Ryan received her B.A. in family studies and child development from Western Michigan University.

Ryan is also the parent of one of EC3’s preschoolers!


Since beginning EC3, Miles has made huge leaps in several areas including language development, increased independence, and socialization. In just a few months, we have seen a little guy who had much difficulty with transitions and interacting with new people become much more confident and adaptable. We definitely feel that he will be much more prepared for kindergarten because of the quality of his teachers and the types of activities that EC3 has to offer!

Sid & Jennifer Briere
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