Krista Besley

Toddler Teacher


Krista Besley became a toddler teacher in the Seal room in 2012, after working as an EC3 substitute since 2009. For the past seven years, Krista taught at an elementary charter school here in Lansing; prior to that she operated her own in-home daycare service. She even worked at EC3 before, from 1982-1987, in EC3’s first home on Willow Highway! Overall, Krista has 35 years of experience working with young children. She has a B.S. in psychology with an emphasis on child development from Grand Valley State University. She also earned a CDA in 2015.

The staff at EC3 is incredible!! Since we came through for our first tour, they have done nothing but make us feel welcomed--like we are part of the family. They are so loving and knowledgeable, and they truly excel at what they do. We sincerely value their advice and concern toward the well-being of our children. Dropping them off each day is easier knowing how much they love EC3!!

Jeff & Dawn Fedewa
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