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EC3 is a nonprofit, parent cooperative preschool, governed by a parent-driven Board of Directors. The Board strives to conduct its business as transparently as possible and practical. Contact the CEO with questions or requests for information not posted here.

EC3 Parent Handbook

EC3 Governing Bylaws (10/16/2018)

Financial Statements and Annual Reports

Early Learning Quality, Sustainability, and Reach: A Transition Plan

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  • January 2021


I cannot think of a single thing that EC3 could do better. I hope the Center is operational and successful for many, many years to come. My daughter is always happy to see me at the end of the day, but she also always wants to stay a little longer. That speaks volumes about what a special place EC3 is and I don't know of a better test a working parent could give his or her child-care provider.

Parent feedback from Fall 2014 survey
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